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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why You Should Start Blogging.

Blogging is an absolutely brilliant way to help you improve yourself, your skills and your interests, whilst doing something that you adore. However, many people struggle with those first steps of taking the plunge and signing up. If you're one of those people, then today I'm here to tell you why you should take that plunge and enter the blogosphere! 

I was once like those who hesitated on beginning their blogging adventure. For years actually. I wanted to start a blog but I just didn't because I was scared it wouldn't be as good as I wanted it to be. That's the problem I have with most things though, and I have learned to just go for it.

But at the end of my uni. year I had loads of time off that I didn't want to waste so I decided to just take that plunge. I began this blog for a number of reasons- as a way for me to improve my writing skills for uni, to improve my cv + job opportunities,  to help my anxiety, and most importantly, to embrace something that I love. 

If you're still hesitating, I recommend that you really do just make an account. Even if you don't want to publish anything yet, you know its there for when you do. That's also what I did, I messed about with the layout and things for about a month and a half before I published anything. This helped because I knew how to use the platform well before I even started! 

Blogging is actually extremely fulfilling. You wouldn't think so at first glance because all you do is natter on about your interests, its simple right? But all that planning, all that research, all that writing... it makes for a very fulfilling outcome. It is a lot of  "work", but to be honest, if you're really made for the blogging world, you won't class it as "work". Its more like a step in the right direction, moving forward and improving! Its all about the positivitiy! 

So to conclude, if you were wondering whether or not you should start, then I hope this post has helped you to make your decision, or at least encouraged the thought! 

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope one day you'll be writing that too!  

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  1. I've recently started a blog, and I really related to some of the things said in this post. Well done :)
    - F -

  2. I agree. I've wanted to blog for a few years but always had some sort of excuse why I couldn't start yet- too busy, didn't have a niche, didn't want people to find it... Eventually I just took the plunge and got started. I've blogged consistently for almost two months now and have really enjoyed it so far.
    Jennifer x

  3. Loved this post :) I've nominated you to join the IBA, check it out here

  4. I have started my blog for very similar reasons and know it would feel weird not to have one. The biggest challenge is keeping up with it, but once your able to publish regularly it's the coolest hobby!

    Love your blog<3


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