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Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Top 10 Tag.

The other day I was nominated by Millie at Corkscrew Curls for 'The Top Ten Tag' (thank you, Millie! go check her out!). Even though I'm not too fond of doing tags, I thought this one was pretty interesting so I thought I'd give it a go! If you don't know what the tag is, all you do is list your favourite product from each of the categories. I'm pretty nosy when it comes down to peoples favourites and stuff because I can discover new products, I'm sure most of you who are reading this will be similar. 

1. FOUNDATION. Even though I've just got it, I'm going to choose the CHANEL Vitalumiére foundation because it truly is brilliant. If you're wondering whether the expense is too high, it will honestly be worth it in the end, I swear, I'm so glad I forked out! The colour in the bottle looks darker than it should be for me, but once I have it on its an excellent match. 

2. POWDER. I'm not really a powder lover to be honest, a lot of my bronzing and blush products already have setting powder in, so it saves me the job. On occasion however, I do use the Rimmel setting powder. This stuff does the job, but I rarely feel like I need it, there are so many other products I'd prefer to use. I'm not saying this product is bad though! 

3. CONCEALER. I'm really crazy about the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer because its just the right tone for my skin and it matches my Fit Me Foundation. It blends really well and goes quite far, as most liquid concealers do. It never cakes on my face either, even though I use loads because I have tonnes of little red marks on my face like all the time. 

4. BLUSH. My favourite blush has to be Benefit's Sugarbomb. I've talked about this recently in my August Favourites post, and I honestly cannot fault it. It has the most perfect level of shimmer, making my highlighter stand out even more, and it just looks really naturally glowy on my skin.

5/6. BRONZER/HIGHLIGHTER. Urban Decay's Naked Flushed is what I use for both my bronzer and my highlighter. Its just an all round brilliant product to use for your face. I absolutely adore UD because they're great at putting products together in a compact to make it easier to transport and use! The shades are fabulous, the pigment is great, and they stay on all day. What more could I want? 

7. MASCARA. At the moment I've been using AVON's Plump It Up mascara. I feel like it makes my lashes stand out more than any mascara that I own. Its kind of like a Benefit They're Real mascara but for a better price. The only negativity though, is that my lashes tend to kind of... drop... as the day goes on. 

8. EYE SHADOW. This one is a tough one because I'm obsessed with UD's Naked's and I don't know what to choose. Recently I'd say the Naked 3 is the favourite just because I've used it the past few days. It gives my lids a natural pink tint, which looks nice with the Sugarbomb blush from Benefit. 

9. BROWS. I've only ever been crazy about Urban Decay's Brow Box. It was the first brow powder I ever properly used and I never looked back. I've had this thing for like 3 years now, it even has the old packaging, but I still have loads and loads left to use up, and I use it every time I do my makeup! 

10. LIP PRODUCT. I'm going to say that, even though its so new, I'm going to say Hue by MAC. I reviewed this yesterday and it honestly is my most loved from all my makeup at the moment. I just can't get over how nice and natural the colour is.

I'm going to tag - everyone who reads this! 

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  1. Lovely - I would be interested to try the avon mascara and the mac lipstick for sure!

    1. The mascara is so good, and so affordable too!

  2. So glad you did this! I need to try that Benefit blusher, it's so pretty!
    - Millie xx
    Corkscrew Curls

    1. It really is worth trying! I'm actually glad I did this too :) x


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