Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What's In My Handbag.


I thought I'd write a pretty common style blog post today because I'm still getting the hang of blogging to begin with, there's just so much to learn! I'm sure most people enjoy watching/reading about what people have in their bags, particularly I enjoy 'What's in my uni. bag', but since I'm not back until September I have nothing to blog about in that area. 

First things first, I'm not really a "bag person", meaning that I don't tend to carry around heaps of stuff in my bag. I never carry around makeup or hand creams or anything like that just because I'm not that fussed about those types of things when I'm out. If I was out for a long period of time however, then of course I would make sure I was prepared. I just tend to take what is needed that day, and what is suitable. This post shows solely what I would take out on a regular day, for example if I'm going shopping. 

BAG: My bag is from Urban Outfitters, however I doubt that they will sell this any more due to the fact I got it on sale a few months ago. I can't afford to buy anything from UO unless its in the sale or if I've saved up or something like that! I love this bag because I just think its the right size- I can fit a lot in it because its extendible so if I do decide to take a cardigan out or something it will for sure fit, and nicely too! On the other hand, this bag doesn't have many pockets in, just one for a phone and a zip at the back, which I don't tend to use cause I always have my phone in my pocket.

PASSPORT/PEN/KEYS: These are just the obvious things to carry around, ID in case I end up drinking, a pen for writing, and keys so I don't get locked out. And yes, that is a naked Peter Andre.

PURSE: This is from River Island and I LOVE it. I always get my purses from there just because I really like the quality, and they always have a perfect amount of pockets. I find that River Island always have an attractive selection of bags and purses. Its sad to say that they don't seem to sell this purse any more, but they do sell some similar ones! 

LIP: Even though I don't carry around any other makeup, I do make sure I have some lip products with me at all times. I like to have a lip balm (BORN LIPPY™ POT LIP BALM - SATSUMA SHIMMER, £10) because I do get dry lips quite often so I don't want them to dry out or feel uncomfortable. As for lipstick, I have been using Rio Rio (Lips in Rio Rio, £8) a great deal recently so its been in my bag almost constantly.

iPOD: And last but not least, one of the items that many consider extremely important, my iPod. I always like to have this on me because I never know if I'm going to be left alone or on a bus or something like that!

So in finalisation, that was the full range of stuff I carry around in my bag. A group of products that I probably couldn't live without. Even though they're small, they mean a lot!


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Daily Moisturiser - The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

A few months ago I read that if you get frequent blemishes, change your moisturiser. Quite sceptically, I decided to do so and I purchased the Vitamin E Moisture Cream from The Body Shop (£10.00) in Newcastle. To be honest I wasn't expecting amazing results, I've never been one to buy expensive moisturisers because I just don't see the point. I don't have major oily, dry, or sensitive skin and the worst conditions I ever get only include a little bit of tightness after a long bath.

This product completely changed the amount of blemishes I got on a weekly basis, which was so impressive for the price, and even though each container only has 50ml of product, it goes a long way. This scentless product, made for all skin types, is used twice a day (morning and night) and it keeps my skin in great condition. Yes, I do get a few blemishes still, but I wouldn't be normal if I did. 

I realise that not many people actually review this product, maybe because of the amount of product you get, but its definitely worth the chance for the price! Honestly, if you have skin like I do, this moisturiser will probably be perfect for you too. 


Friday, 23 May 2014

Interview OOTD.

Before an interview, everyone should feel confident, motivated and prepared so that they can perform to their best and really impress. Some people may meditate, some may go over notes 10 times, or even practice speaking in front the mirror. For me, the only way I can feel completely prepared is by looking the part and dressing to impress. If I don't look like I should have the job, then I don't feel like I should have the job either. With this being said, finding the perfect outfit can turn in to a shopping trip gone bad, or near enough.

I started my quest online, looking at all of the popular high street stores, and even Tesco at one point, to try and find something tasteful. I had my eye on a skirt from New Look, but when it came to finding a shirt the task turned out to be trickier than it seemed. I didn't bother looking for a shirt online, as I assumed I could find one somewhere in Town pretty easily. I was wrong.

After scouring two different H&Ms, two different Topshops and three different New Looks I finally found the missing shirt to complete the look. And, at the end of the shopping trip, I came out with two pieces that I am actually really happy about. Two pieces that I can wear not just formally, but also casually, which made the spending a little easier to bare:

THE SKIRT: I absolutely love this skirt. I have actually had my eye on it for a while but I didn't have a real reason or suitable excuse to buy it until now. Student budgets are hard! New Look Black Textured Wave Pencil Skirt Black, £14.99.

THE SHIRT: H&M provided me with this shirt, It was quite hidden in the shop so I had to have a really good look before I even knew it existed. I'm not usually a fan of H&M, it depends on the time of year, but I like that its affordable and the stuff is half decent (sometimes). Even though this shirt is what I wanted, and I really adore it... its just too see through! I ended up having to wear a white strappy top underneath just to cover my white bra up! But, with this being said, I still think that it was a good buy for a good price, and I will be wearing it on many occasions. H&M Long Sleeved Blouse, £14.99.

COAT/BAG/SHOES: I decided before my shopping trip that I didn't want to wear a blazer, the weather has been hot lately and a fancy coat would do the trick. I wore my favorite coat, my trench coat from Gap (Gap Classic Trench, £59.95), which I think looked really nice and added a different shade to my monochrome outfit. For baggage I used my larger uni. bag because I had to fit my CV and whatnot in it, it also done the trick (I'm not sure if they sell this any more, but it was from Topshop for £30.00 in September 2013). Finally, the shoes, my favorite pair of shoes ever. I wear them to death even though they don't even fit me properly. They completed my outfit perfectly! (Topshop ALABAMA Pull-on Chelsea Boots, £75.00)

The Completed Look:

After all the searching, walking and shopping, I have not only come out with two great items and more interview experience, I have also learned that you should never assume the high street will have the basics you're looking for! Never underestimate.