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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

What's In My Handbag.


I thought I'd write a pretty common style blog post today because I'm still getting the hang of blogging to begin with, there's just so much to learn! I'm sure most people enjoy watching/reading about what people have in their bags, particularly I enjoy 'What's in my uni. bag', but since I'm not back until September I have nothing to blog about in that area. 

First things first, I'm not really a "bag person", meaning that I don't tend to carry around heaps of stuff in my bag. I never carry around makeup or hand creams or anything like that just because I'm not that fussed about those types of things when I'm out. If I was out for a long period of time however, then of course I would make sure I was prepared. I just tend to take what is needed that day, and what is suitable. This post shows solely what I would take out on a regular day, for example if I'm going shopping. 

BAG: My bag is from Urban Outfitters, however I doubt that they will sell this any more due to the fact I got it on sale a few months ago. I can't afford to buy anything from UO unless its in the sale or if I've saved up or something like that! I love this bag because I just think its the right size- I can fit a lot in it because its extendible so if I do decide to take a cardigan out or something it will for sure fit, and nicely too! On the other hand, this bag doesn't have many pockets in, just one for a phone and a zip at the back, which I don't tend to use cause I always have my phone in my pocket.

PASSPORT/PEN/KEYS: These are just the obvious things to carry around, ID in case I end up drinking, a pen for writing, and keys so I don't get locked out. And yes, that is a naked Peter Andre.

PURSE: This is from River Island and I LOVE it. I always get my purses from there just because I really like the quality, and they always have a perfect amount of pockets. I find that River Island always have an attractive selection of bags and purses. Its sad to say that they don't seem to sell this purse any more, but they do sell some similar ones! 

LIP: Even though I don't carry around any other makeup, I do make sure I have some lip products with me at all times. I like to have a lip balm (BORN LIPPY™ POT LIP BALM - SATSUMA SHIMMER, £10) because I do get dry lips quite often so I don't want them to dry out or feel uncomfortable. As for lipstick, I have been using Rio Rio (Lips in Rio Rio, £8) a great deal recently so its been in my bag almost constantly.

iPOD: And last but not least, one of the items that many consider extremely important, my iPod. I always like to have this on me because I never know if I'm going to be left alone or on a bus or something like that!

So in finalisation, that was the full range of stuff I carry around in my bag. A group of products that I probably couldn't live without. Even though they're small, they mean a lot!


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