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Friday, 13 June 2014

The Body Shop: Moringa.

My obsession with The Body Shop started around Christmas time last year, when I was gifted with so many delightful products from there. I completely fell in love with the Passion Fruit, the Peach and the Satsuma smells, but what enthused me the most were the Moringa products.

I go through phases with what smells I prefer, sometimes I really crave a fruity smell and sometimes I fancy more of a nutty scent. But something that I just can’t seem to grow out of is Moringa, its just so fresh and natural and it makes me feel so refreshed morning and night.

My favourite product from the Moringa range has to be the body butter. The consistency is beautiful and, in my opinion, it is creamier than the other body butters from The Body Shop. It glides fabulously on my skin, and it goes a long way too! 

What's your favourite scent from The Body Shop range?


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