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Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Top 5 Most Useful Items As A Student.

Now that university is out for the summer (for me anyway), I have decided to share with you some of the items that I find most useful as a student. I'm in my second year of uni. and I have successfully discovered how useful these items can be!

1. DRAWER DIVIDERS. These are so useful for those who have so much stuff to organise, which I imagine includes you if you're reading this. I use these dividers for both makeup organisation and clothes organisation. If you're moving accommodation each year, these may be specifically useful because you never know how much storage you're going to get and you might have to compromise!

2. INTERNET BANKING APP. This may not be considered an "item" but is useful nonetheless just because it makes banking so easy. If you're like me and like to constantly keep on top of your spending, then its something you can quickly use to make sure everything is going OK. 

3. PORTABLE PRODUCT HOLDER. My product holder is quite a new addition to my list of useful items, but it makes such a difference and really helps to tidy my stuff in the bathroom. I keep stuff like E45, BioOil, and shampoo in there and its so easy to move from my room into the bathroom if necessary!

4. WATER BOTTLE. With uni. being hot and stuffy at times, its important to keep yourself hydrated so that you can concentrate properly and keep yourself healthy. A water bottle is an essential for me, whether its one you buy new or one you reuse, they're always handy.

5. ELECTRIC BLANKET. This is useful for the winter, especially since its basically always cold in Newcastle. Student housing doesn't always have the best insulation either, and for that reason it helps to keep you nice and toasty in bed. It may also help with the bills as the heating may not need to be turned on! 


  1. Replies
    1. They're so good. I can't remember where mine is from but Argos probably have some to choose from!

  2. Completely agree with the Newcastle weather bit! (: That's a neat one - electric blanket! Totally gonna get one!

    1. Yeah the weather is so cold, especially if you don't have double glazing in your room!

  3. As a student at University, I completely agree with this. Especially the electric blanket part! Great post :) x

  4. It's such a must! Thanks :) x


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