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Monday, 23 June 2014

Must Have Products For A Relaxing Bath.

Bath time is extremely therapeutic to many, its a relaxing time where you can sit, rejuvenate and gather your thoughts together whilst using your most favourite and comforting products. What could be more perfect than that? Here is a list of products that I adore and use every time I take a bath. 

DRINK. Some may prefer wine, but I'm more of a tea and coffee person because it makes me feel warm and comfortable! I believe that you need to make sure you have one of your favourite drinks at hand to chill you out. 

CANDLES. I tend to do the common thing by lighting some candles, I don't like to use scented ones because it gets too intense with the steam, but unscented tea lights really help to set the mood! 

SALT. This may seem like a strange product to use at bath time, but salt is really good for your skin because it helps to heal any scabs, spots or razor burn. You could even use it to exfoliate if you don't already have an exfoliation product. I tend to use this instead of bubble bath because I don't like to use too many products on my skin.

EXFOLIATION. Now moving on to the real products, I really love The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub to remove my dead skin cells before shaving. I also use this all over my body to make my skin feel smooth and soft, and its my favourite smell! For my face I use Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub and work that into my skin. And for my lips I use Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub because it tastes amazing! 

SHAVE GEL. I use Boots Smooth Sensitive Care Shave Gel on my legs before I shave them. I like sensitive products because as I said previously, I don't like to use too many products on my body! I have found that this shave gel works perfectly with my array of products and is very suited for my skin. 

SHOWER GEL. I use a shower gel even when I bathe because it doesn't make my skin feel dry like soaps do. My favourite gel to use is my Moringa Shower Gel from The Body Shop, I just love the Moringa collection because it makes me feel refreshed and prepared. 

So there you have the collection of bath products that I use to chill myself out. What are your favourite products for bath time?

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  1. I use sea salt flakes because its stronger apparently but table salt will probably work just as good! x

  2. Lush butterball bathbomb is great for relaxing although I'm not quite sure if they've taken it down? x

    Alaina (

  3. I live by the Clean & Clear Blackhead Scrub, it's so good not only for a face wash but to wake you up in the morning, haha!

    I'm so keen to try the shaving gel! I have really sensitive skin and have always used soap for shaving, can't wait to give gel a try! x


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