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Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Current Top 5 Songs.

I thought I'd share my current top five favourite songs with the world today. I was kind of stuck in a rut with music because there just wasn't anything that amazed me. That was until Lana Del Rey's new album came out! 

SHADES OF COOL - LANA DEL REY. This one is from her new album Ultraviolence. As soon as I listened to it I was hooked!

WUTHERING HEIGHTS - KATE BUSH. I've recently jumped on the Kate Bush bandwagon, I only really like her hit songs but either way this song is brilliant.

OFF TO THE RACES - LANA DEL REY. I love this song, hence the blog name, and I was obsessing over it when I wasn't obsessing over the others.

I DO - ABBA. A bit of a weird choice but a brilliant feel good song... especially when you've just got out the shower. 

A WORLD ALONE - LORDE. I always have a Lorde song that I obsess over, this week its A World Alone. 
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