Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Holiday Clothes & Accessories Haul.

If you can't already tell by my tweets, I'm so damn excited to go to Turkey. I went on a shopping spree to Primark and a few other shops on Saturday and totally splurged on holiday stuff. Brace yourselves...

I've tried my best to find the links (some can't be found), and I stupidly took all the tags off of my clothes and misplaced receipts... so I can't remember all prices, apologies! I hope you enjoy :)

Accessories: I bought myself a few little things, and stuff that'll be quite important for travelling, and fashion items, of course.

In order. Cateye Sunglasses, £2.33, Ebay. Midi Ring Set, £2.50, Topshop Sale. Beach Bag, £10, Next Sale. Black Bag, Primark. Neutral Bag, Primark.

I'm in a fantasy about Cateye sunglasses at the moment, I have two pairs, these being the more modern of the two, and these are definitely my favourite, I'll be wearing these to death. I purchased the large black bag for the plane, because I didn't want to use my uni. bag- it would get ruined! I'm pretty excited to fill it with all my rubbish. 

Shoes: I only bought two pairs because I think I'll survive on these and the ones I have currently. I do need to buy some flip-flops though, I'll let you know when I do!

In order: Both from Primark. 

Tops: Let the masses begin. I got so many great buys, everything so perfect for holiday! 

In order. Blue Top, Primark. Black Crop Top, £7, Topshop Sale. Navy Top, Primark. White Top, Primark. Mint Green Top, Primark. Navy Patterned Top, Primark. Black Top, Primark. 

Dresses/Playsuits: I really surprised myself here. I usually steer towards black but totally changed and went towards a little bit of colour. 

In order. First five, all from Primark. Last, £10, Miss Selfridge.

Shorts & Bikini's: I still have more of these to buy because I've grown out of all of my old ones. I'm looking for some mint green bikini's next I think. 

In order. All from Primark. 

I adore the back of the black bathing suit, and the front embellishment on it.

This ends the holiday haul. I still have a few things to get I think. If anyone has an idea of a nice Mint Green Bikini then I'd love it if you let me know!  

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Monday, 28 July 2014

My Holiday Nail Colour Choices.

Since I haven't been on holiday for four whole years, I've been eager to plan out what nail colours will enhance my tan and go best with the sun. These are my picks.

If you read the latest Company Magazine, there is a feature on neon shades and how they make your tan look fabulous. Being as fickle as I am, I went straight to boots in search of some neon shades (luckily there was the 3 for 2 offer as well!). I was keen to try out the neon shades idea, and I'm loving mint green at the moment so I wanted to pick up one of those for sure. Staying loyal to Maybelline polishes, I purchased all three shades from there! 

Shown above:
Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons in Chic Chartreuse and Sun Flare
Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in So So Fresh
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Random Fashion Haul.

So yesterday I went shopping and grabbed myself a few sale items and tops. Here's what I bought...

You're probably thinking... why the heck have I decided to buy a jumper in summer? I like to plan ahead, and this jumper will be fantastic for September when it starts to get a bit chilly when uni. starts. And the fact that it was £7... it was basically a must!  

Proving that I'm a fool for Topshop sales even further, I purchased this cute little cropped vest for my holiday in Turkey. I haven't been on holiday for a while so I thought I'd stock up on a few holiday style pieces, this being one! 

Stripe Cami - Primark - £2.50
Stripe Shorts - Primark - £3

Primark is brilliant for simple stuff like this, things that you'll probably ruin, but it doesn't matter because they're so cheap. I happen to really like the top though.... I'll probably be going back for more some time soon. 

Black Heels - Clarks - £20

I saw these in the shop - it was the first shop I went in - and as soon as they were on my feet I was sold, and so were they for that matter! I'm thinking they'll be good for interviews and such, and days where I want to wear something different. I'm starting to wear heeled shoes more and more recently and I'm loving it. 

And finally I bought this strange top, not something I'd usually buy and it was kind of an impulse purchase. I think its interesting but its not really "me", so I'm thinking of taking it back. Any thoughts?

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Garnier Micellar Clensing Water.

Today I'm talking about a popular product that's been raved about recently on blogs. I thought I'd try it out and see for myself...

I've seen so much online about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, and just Micellar Water in general. It has a very strange name, not really that memorable, but apparently it was used by French women before it kicked off in England. I'm crazy about chic French style so obviously I was attracted instantly. 

The first thing I have to say about the cleansing water is that it could actually be easily mistaken for water. The bottle is kind of water bottle shaped, and the scentless product is clear and has a watery consistence. I think that this alone is quite unique and drawing!  

This cleansing water works as a brilliant eye makeup remover... I'm serious... it does the job better than actual remover! This, of course, is only the case when your eye makeup isn't too thick, but if you had thick makeup on it probably would be a nightmare. 

The only negative I have to say is that you do need to use about two or three cotton pads (in my case, anyway) for it to really cleanse your skin. However, I can overlook this due to the fact its only £3 in Superdrug! 

As for the cleansing part of the product, it makes my skin feel really soft and ready for other treatments. Its just simple to use and is a quick fix for when you want to wake up your skin!

What's your opinion on the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water?
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