0FFTOTHERACES: 5 Films That Have Inspired My Style.

Monday, 7 July 2014

5 Films That Have Inspired My Style.

Everyone has their favourite films for their favourite reasons... mine happen to be those that have inspired me fashion or makeup wise. You'll probably find me lusting after items of clothing after watching a really good film... Here are my top five and why.
1.The first film will probably come as no surprise to anyone, it being The Devil Wears Prada. This film can't be described in any way other than fabulous, and I always just end up watching it for the clothes rather than the story (its kinda dull after a million times). Is that weird? Even the opening scene grips me, when the ladies are shown getting ready, I was in love from the very beginning. 

2.Makeup wise my main film influence has to be from Anna Karenina, I saw this in the cinema and wasn't that crazy about it, but when I got home I kept replaying Keira's amazing dancing in the ballroom scene. That makeup, and that dress... breathtaking! Keria's eyebrows inspire me. 

3.Thelma and Louise is an iconic film with, of course, iconic fashion. This film inspired my style in the means of high waisters, cat eye sunglasses and boots. I adore the high waister and boots look, I even want to wear them in the summer when I should be swapping boots for sandals.

4.1997 Lolita is brilliant, and as well as being my favourite book, Lolita has inspired me to wear bardot tops and delve in to the world of pastel colours. I mostly wear black or white, but when I'm feeling brave and wanting to try something different, I'll move on to one pastel item, probably pairing it with black. 

5.Lastly, when I'm feeling a little casual I'll wear something that Bella from Twilight would wear. Not too crazy about the series though, but every girl went through her phase. Bella's fashion is nice when I want to be more comfortable, I own a few flannel shirts and usually pair them with some blue jeans. 

What films have influenced your style? 
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  1. For me: Bewitched (the series, not the film), Mad Men, Breakfast at Tiffany's!

    1. I've never watched Bewitched or Mad Men before! However Breakfast and Tiffany's is of course a style classic!


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