0FFTOTHERACES: Day Trip To York- Photos & Mini Haul.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Day Trip To York- Photos & Mini Haul.

I went on a cute spontaneous shopping trip to York today (which is probably not today by the time you read this) and took some pretty pictures and got a few things. Here they are! 

The first thing I purchased were these absolutely amazing shoes, I walked into Topshop and within 5 minutes I was already set on buying them. As I've mentioned before, I adore Topshop when they have sales on because everything becomes a little more affordable. These went from £52 to £15, how amazing is that?

The second item is a MAC shadow in Shadowy Lady. I felt like I was due a new shadow because I hadn't bought one in a while so why not? I got a purple shade because it'll bring out the brown in my eyes and make them look super brown! 

The third and final item is the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner from The Body Shop. I've heard good things about this product before, and I actually had a discount code from Vouchercloud so this was in my hand pretty early too. Reduced from £5 to £3 so I couldn't say no, as per usual. 

To end this little post here are some of the photographs that I took, York is such an attractive place:

 Whittard's window display was so pretty! 

York had cute Tea Rooms all over the place, wish it was more like that where I am! 

A little weirdly obsessed with the green frame.

Food at a small place called Chloe's of York. I was attracted to the flooring. 

Kind of laughing at the strangers in this photo more than anything. 

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  1. York is so pretty! I went on a mad adventure there once. My cousin rang me up at 10pm and thought her bf was cheating on her in York. So she picked me up and we drove by his house to see if any lights were on, they weren't. We drove round a bunch of houses before deducing he wasn't at any of the places he should be. My cousin then decided we should drive to York to the hotel she felt he was at. So, at midnight we drove to York, arriving there at 3pm. All of the car parks were closed, so we decided to sleep in the car. We parked in the car park by the castle and slept in the car. It was November, freezing, and drunks kept tapping on the car window. At 7pm we went around the car parks, found his car and my cousin (who had the spare key) swapped cars, leaving hers in the car park and driving his home to confuse him. The whole thing was utterly mad, no idea how I was talked into it, but.....York was beautiful and it was awesome sleeping next to a castle!

    1. Wow that is quite a different story, at least you have some good memories still!

  2. York is so beautiful!! I was going to go with my family this weekend, but I think we'll go next weekend due to the Tour De France -- somebody said about 2 million were expected!! Those shoes are absolutely fabulous, and I must ask, did you do the blog design yourself? It's so pretty! :)

    1. Yeah its so pretty and full of character. And yeah I did, I spent ages tweaking it for hours on end and then eventually I think I'm happy with it! (for now at least) x


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