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Thursday, 10 July 2014

My All Time Favourite TV Shows And My Fashionable Reasons Why.

I have a strong dedication toward TV shows, even more than films, because they last longer and provide longer lasting happiness and interest, leaving space for more intense obsessions...

GOSSIP GIRL. Could this be anything but obvious? Gossip Girl is basically every fashion girls dream, Blair Waldorf is my main hero, every time I watch it I feel the need to go out and buy some Hydrangeas. I think one of the reasons why my favourite colour is blue is because of Blair's room! Sometimes I even want to be Chuck Bass, just because I'm so envious of his clothes... his style is amazing and Ed Westwick is even better.

SEX AND THE CITY. Yet another completely obvious choice, and a clear all-time favourite of a lot of women. Even though I do enjoy the story line for GG, SATC holds my attention much longer in that department... I'm completely attached to Carrie, as well as Charlotte and Harry's relationship. In relation to style, I prefer Charlotte's style over the others because she has the cutest outfits! I relate to Carrie much more than any other character on the show because she's not the richest and she doesn't have an "easy life", but she makes it anyway in the end. I've actually heard rumors that SATC might be coming back... Let's hope its true!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. I started watching The Vampire Diaries when it first came out but lost interest. I rekindled my love for the show when I started my second year at uni. By the time Christmas was over I was fully caught up and obsessed in the world of vampires and werewolves and everything else. My favourite character is Katherine... her hair is beautiful, her style is edgy and she's such a mysterious character! 

AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I'm actually still watching this show, well, I'm having a break, because I want to have extra episodes to watch just in case I get obsessed again (is that bad?). I watched the whole of season 1 in two and a half days and stopped after season 2 because I really was going too far. I'd sit on my phone and search the show on Wikipedia and IMDB every hour, and I'd go completely reblog happy on Tumblr, it was all I talked about. I adore Lana's style in this, everything about her style is appealing to me- even her nails. 

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. This show has been a long time love of mine, I so wish I read the books beforehand. One day I just felt like watching it because there was a little bit of hype on Tumblr, next thing I knew I was waiting for season 2 to come out. My preferred character is Hanna just because shes funny and different, but I prefer Mona's fashion over all. I've followed this show for a while and as every episode ends I just can't wait to watch more.

What are your favourite TV shows?
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  1. I haven't watched the last three, I think they are on Netflix though, so I will have to have a look after
    I am done with Mad Men. I absolutely agree with the first two! Ahhh SJP - I salute you!


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