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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Top 3 Favorite Real Techniques Brushes.

Real Techniques brushes are the most affordable and value for money makeup brushes you can find. Since I'm a student and can't afford to buy better brushes, Real Techniques provide me with brilliant brushes for a brilliant price! Here are my top 3.

The first brush on the list is my all time favourite- the Stippling Brush. I think this is the best brush anyone can use for working in their foundation well. It really works the stuff into my skin and makes little product go a long way- which is something really important when you're poor! 

My second favourite is the Blush Brush, shout out to my friend Kathryn who bought me this for my birthday last year! The Blush Brush helps me to apply my blush just the way I want it too, its not too big and not too small, its just right for me! 

My third and final favourite is of course the Expert Face Brush. I use this brush for everything, I actually have two of them because I like them that much. I use them for foundation, bronzer, cream blusher and highlighter. It just has so many uses! 

What are your favourite Real Techniques brushes?
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  1. I love the stippling brush too! An absolute godsend! I was debating which brush to buy next, as I wanted to build up my collection, so I may just have to try the expert face brush after this review! :)

    1. The expert face brush is definitely a must, it has so many uses! x

  2. I only have one brush! It is a blusher brush. I would ove a nice new set of make up brushes!

    1. Real Techniques do some really nice brush sets too, they do a Core Collection which has the basic brushes and my favourite set- the Limited Edition Duo Fibre Set!


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