0FFTOTHERACES: Casual Summer Outfit.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Casual Summer Outfit.

Here's yet another quick fashion OOTD post. This is just a simple and casual summer outfit that's perfect for a hot and sunny day! 

The past few days have been rather busy for me (I just received the keys for my flat at uni. today!) so posts have been rather irregular. I'm hoping to get back on track soon though, so here is a quick post! 

I've posted recently about my new top from the Topshop sale, its a really cute shirt that isn't actually that "summery", but I think it can look really nice when paired with a skirt like this pencil skirt from New Look. I got this for an interview a while back and its had so many uses. I really like dressing it down and pairing it with my converse, which add a little bit of casual to the outfit.

And here's the final look (excuse the towel!:)):

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    1. Thanks, it always rides up though, think I should have got a larger size!


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