0FFTOTHERACES: Holiday Clothes & Accessories Haul.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Holiday Clothes & Accessories Haul.

If you can't already tell by my tweets, I'm so damn excited to go to Turkey. I went on a shopping spree to Primark and a few other shops on Saturday and totally splurged on holiday stuff. Brace yourselves...

I've tried my best to find the links (some can't be found), and I stupidly took all the tags off of my clothes and misplaced receipts... so I can't remember all prices, apologies! I hope you enjoy :)

Accessories: I bought myself a few little things, and stuff that'll be quite important for travelling, and fashion items, of course.

In order. Cateye Sunglasses, £2.33, Ebay. Midi Ring Set, £2.50, Topshop Sale. Beach Bag, £10, Next Sale. Black Bag, Primark. Neutral Bag, Primark.

I'm in a fantasy about Cateye sunglasses at the moment, I have two pairs, these being the more modern of the two, and these are definitely my favourite, I'll be wearing these to death. I purchased the large black bag for the plane, because I didn't want to use my uni. bag- it would get ruined! I'm pretty excited to fill it with all my rubbish. 

Shoes: I only bought two pairs because I think I'll survive on these and the ones I have currently. I do need to buy some flip-flops though, I'll let you know when I do!

In order: Both from Primark. 

Tops: Let the masses begin. I got so many great buys, everything so perfect for holiday! 

In order. Blue Top, Primark. Black Crop Top, £7, Topshop Sale. Navy Top, Primark. White Top, Primark. Mint Green Top, Primark. Navy Patterned Top, Primark. Black Top, Primark. 

Dresses/Playsuits: I really surprised myself here. I usually steer towards black but totally changed and went towards a little bit of colour. 

In order. First five, all from Primark. Last, £10, Miss Selfridge.

Shorts & Bikini's: I still have more of these to buy because I've grown out of all of my old ones. I'm looking for some mint green bikini's next I think. 

In order. All from Primark. 

I adore the back of the black bathing suit, and the front embellishment on it.

This ends the holiday haul. I still have a few things to get I think. If anyone has an idea of a nice Mint Green Bikini then I'd love it if you let me know!  

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  1. Love this post! So many gorgeous finds! I've been trying to find a good bikini for my holiday too, but the primark near me is so tiny :( Topshop have gorgeous green mint bikini's and another on of my favourites is Triangl... check them out :) x

  2. Primark are my number one favourite place to get holiday clothes!! Great haul, love that little triangle ring!


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