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Saturday, 21 June 2014

My Favorite Polishes This Month.

I always know what my current favorite polishes are because they're always cluttered at the top of the -sort of- neat organisation of polishes. This month my favorites are a range of random colours, not necessarily nude or dark. I like to think it reflects how I've been feeling over the month. 

NAILS INC. WELLINGTON STREET. I'm not usually feeling pinks just because I don't think I suit it very well. But this month I've really liked wearing this shade completely randomly. I've had this polish for such a long time but I decided to bring it out and wear it! (I'm not sure if this product is still sold)

MAYBELLINE COLOR SHOW URBAN CORAL. I've suddenly fallen in love with coral colours, I think its such a uniquie colour and therefore is perfect for nails! In wearing this I have felt summery and a little bit out of character... in a good way though! 

TOPSHOP MATTE NAILS CANDY FOX. I really like Matte Nails at the moment, and wearing this shade has really made me want to buy more matte polishes. This trend, like the colour of coral, is really unique but I like it so much. 

AVON SPEED DRY ON POINT BLUE. This colour is supposed to be a new trend for summer shades, but I already owned it so I thought I'd try it out and I really love it. Its such a nice blue, and I think I suit it really well. I like that its not a bold bright colour but its not really dark either! 

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  1. That urban coral colour looks lovely, i'm on spending ban from nail varnishes so i'll have to keep it in mind! Great post :-)
    love jen | Jennifer's Journal xx

  2. Yeah its sooo nice! And I'm trying not to buy anymore also, I have too many color show ones especially!

  3. The matte Topshop one looks so girly and pretty! I have so many nail polishes and I really need to stop, but I might just have to make an exception for that one - its so nice Ellie :)

  4. I love the matte nail polishes from Topshop,they're so innovative

    Alaina (


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