0FFTOTHERACES: My Weekly Obsession #3.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

My Weekly Obsession #3.

Welcome to the third weeks weekly obsession! Its literally gone so fast, I remember sitting down deciding to create this series like... yesterday? Anyway, this weeks obsession for me is the new on the scene band London Grammar. 
In 100% honesty, I saw an interview with London Grammar on Daybreak a month or so ago and had absolutely zero interest in them. They're a pretty band, but I looked up a few of their songs and was not impressed. That's usually how it goes though,  if I'm seriously not interested in something then you can guarantee that a few weeks later I'll be obsessed with it! 
So the night before last (Wednesday, I'm writing is on Friday!) I wanted to listen to something a little different, so I gave these a listen and have no regrets at all. They're so amazing, its such a unique genre, kind of spooky like, which I love. They're so interesting and eccentric, + Hannah's voice is so ghostly! 
What's your weekly obsession?

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  1. YES, YES, YES EMILY! London Grammar are such an underrated trio!! I love them!! x

    1. I'm glad you share the same enthusiasm as me! haha x

  2. Soooo true! I only recently discovered them and I'm loving this albummm! Amazing! (:

    1. They're so good aren't they. So ghostly I love it!


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