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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What’s On My Desk.

I’m keeping up with the flow of the bedroom posts for a while and showing you what’s on my desk and how I go about the organisation. I have a cute little desk from IKEA. My parents got me it especially for my new uni room & its just so fantastic.

The fact that its white is just a positive straight away- white matches with everything, and goes particularly nicely with my mint green and light blue colour scheme. It has two little shelves and a little shelf under where your feet go too. I have loads of IKEA storage stuff so they go well as they’re made to fit!

To get rid of annoying wires I store them in a box to the right of my desk. When I’m not using my laptop they all get packed away into the box where I can’t see them. My phone charger stays out though, obviously.

As you can see I seriously need to fill my pencil pot holder. By the end of the year it’ll be full of all sorts though. I have a cute little desk planner from Caroline Gardner and a litte note pad/ list pad from IKEA. 

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  1. I love seeing posts like this. They give me so much inspiration!

    Nik x
    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestlye

  2. I blog plan in a very smilar way to you :) Great idea with the box for the wires! My uni room wasn't as nice as yours!

    1. Thank you, I hate wires lying around... I must conceal them somehow!


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