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Friday, 26 September 2014

What's On My Bedside Table.


Since my uni room is nearly all done and dusted and organised etc. (too as much as it can be, that is), I thought it was time for one of these posts. I really love the cute little bedside table I got from IKEA, it looks really nice and it was only £15, bonus!

I already had a lamp for uni, I had two actually, and I forgot to bring both of them. I can’t live without a lamp (it sets the night time mood), so I rushed to Argos to get one. There wasn’t a great deal of choice but I really liked this one so its ended up on my bedside table, a good decision I think!

Candles, Candles, Candles
In all seriousness, a bedside table is not a bedside table without a lovely selection of candles. I actually only burn one at a time so that I can embrace that smell properly, but I have nowhere to put them all, so they go on pretty display all over my room. I have a set of three tea lights that I burn on the night time, I have a cute little candle holder with a Yankee Candle sample in, and another Yankee Candle too in Cinnamon Stick. I just got this recently from Clintons, it had 25% off.

Got to have those on there for when you have a cold. I’m always going through some sort of sniffle so these are an essential. I think these tissues were from B&M for £1, I liked the blue on them so I got them right away.

If you blog too, then you’ll know that when you think of something you must right it down STRAIGHT away, because you’ll forget it in an instant. This is why there are two notebooks. My Hound Of The Baskervilles one was a gift, and I love it. I plan posts here, and jot down ideas here when I think of them. My think, write, create is actually a planner. It was £5 from Tesco, and includes the days that posts are going up and plans for the next month. I’m organised, aren’t I?

What’s on your bedside table? Is there anything I’m missing?

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  1. Love your version of Hound of the Baskervilles! It is such a great book!

    1. Ahh this actually isn't the book... its a notebook!


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