0FFTOTHERACES: A Late Weekly Obsession #4: Knee Highs.

Monday, 29 September 2014

A Late Weekly Obsession #4: Knee Highs.

Bonjourno people! My posts have been a little late recently because my boyfriend came to visit me (he's still here now), but I have managed to get some time to write about my weekly obsession... knee highs. 
Over the past few months I've spotted how knee highs can make a warm yet original twist to an outfit. You don't always see people wearing these, maybe because they're not daring enough, but I have recently adopted them... and I love, love, love them! Even though September is kinda warm slash kinda cold at times, knee highs are a great way to wear a skirt but still look Septembery. 
Here are some picks that I like...
Credit ABCDE.
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