0FFTOTHERACES: I Got My Hair Cut, I Got My Ears Pierced & Updates!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I Got My Hair Cut, I Got My Ears Pierced & Updates!

Hello again, I promise you I haven’t left! I have moved in to my new flat in Newcastle and I only managed to get the internet today, how tragic!

I’ve been seriously bored and I’ve felt really bad for not posting. But on the bright side I was able to spend some time re-writing and updating my CV, and of course planning new posts!

I also got my hair cut AND my ears pierced on Thursday and I love both (or all three) of them. I went for a shorter cut this time because I've had really long hair forever and I thought it was time for a change. As for my ears, I now have some cute little gold and silver studs in for six weeks. I’m already planning what earrings I'm buying when the six weeks is over.

See you all soon. 

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  1. I'm really looking forward to your new posts :)
    - F -
    P.S - I was inspired by your post 'Why you should start blogging' and I wrote my own which you can view here:

    1. aww thank you! how nice :) I will go and take a look right away!

  2. That is a tragic news to hear, your internet! Glad it got fixed! (: Good luck for Uni!

    1. Its all sorted now thank god! Thank you :)


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