0FFTOTHERACES: Summer Skincare Routine.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer Skincare Routine.

Today I'm talking about how I'm going to be looking after my skin when I'm on holiday. Of course, lots of baby oil will be necessary, since I'm recently obsessed with the stuff!

I've been using E45 like crazy these past few weeks, so this will be a big element for my holiday skin. To be honest, even my trusty The Body Shop body butters have gone out of the window, even though they're just as creamy. I plan on using E45 after showers and before bed so that my skin gets as much hydration as possible.
On the mornings and during the day I'll be using sun cream so I don't weaken the product by using E45 as well. I still haven't decided what sun cream I want to use (any suggestions?) because I'm not really 'in the know' on the whole SPF factor thing.
I'll of course be taking care of any dry skin using Suniana's Body Scrub Recipe, which is a new found love of mine. I'll be scrubbing every other day, which may seem a lot, but I am addicted to the stuff so why not? I've also grabbed myself an exfoliating mitt to see what that can do for my skin, I've never used one before.
And finally I'll be piling on the baby oil. Wasn't that crazy about baby oil until I got some to make a body scrub with,  but now I use it every day after I moisturize to ensure my skin makes the most of my E45! 
How are you going to be looking after your skin this summer?
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  1. Have you tried coconut oil? I am just wondering which is better, coc it oil or baby oil. I had never thought of moisturizing and then using oil to lock in the moisture before, it does sound good though

    1. I've never used coconut oil for anything but my hair so I can't say, not too fond of the smell of coconut so I tend to avoid it!

  2. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award!


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