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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Fashion Trend- Cateye Sunglasses.

Cateye sunglasses could be one of my new favourite fashion trends this summer.

I've seen these in films of course but I didn't actually become attracted to the so-called cateye sunglasses until last month when I spied some in Topshop. Not sure how they would look on me, I decided to go for a cheaper option and buy some for £3 off Amazon but they weren't really what I liked until I found a different set on Ebay.

Even though the first set were pretty cute looking, I just didn't have the right type of face for them (sadly!). But I spied these more modernized looking ones on Ebay and I have completely fell in love with them. They keep the classic  cateye style from the 60s but reinvent it for 2014! I'm going to be wearing these all holiday!

Get them here and here

What are your favourite summer fashion trends 2014?
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  1. I like the fist ones! But I know what you mean about having the 'right' face shape haha. £3 you can't really go wrong though if they don't look great.

    Alana | xx

    1. Yeah exactly! I thought I'd just try it!

  2. I really like the first pair too. I hate finding something I love and then it not suiting me because of not having the right face shape! I doubt they would suit me either!


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