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Monday, 11 August 2014

Real Techniques Dupes.

Everyone's got to love Sam + Nic's fabulous creations- the Real Techniques Brushes. And with such good quality for such little price where can you go wrong? The only disappointment I have is their lack in smaller brushes, you know, smaller ones for your face and eye makeup... and I seem to have found some fabulous Real Technique dupe style brushes that fit those specifics exactly. 

If you haven't heard already... Ebay have some wonderful Real Techniques dupes available here, and since I already have the majority of their brushes I wasn't in need of buying them (I'd thought I'd share them just in case you didn't know, they're worth buying if you're looking to test them out or something!). 

Since I was in need of some smaller brushes, I decided to purchase these on their own for £2. 33. They arrived in good time + were not damaged from travel or anything like that. They were basically perfect! These brushes are so soft and handy to use for concealer and eye shadow bases and things like that. You should definitely check them out! 

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  1. I think the exact same thing with Real Techniques! Thank you so much for this post! x


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