0FFTOTHERACES: How I'm Packing My Toiletries For Holiday.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

How I'm Packing My Toiletries For Holiday.

I haven't seen a post that explains exactly how products are stored/prepared for all of the bashing about they'll receive from the plane, so I thought I'd show you how I'm storing some of my toiletries to give you an idea on how they'll be made as safe as possible. I worship my products so of course I'm going to take every effort I can to protect them from damage. 

So the first thing I did was purchase some miniature bottles with labels from Primark (shown above) to condense the products. Anyone with common sense knows that taking a whole bottle when you're only going to use a quarter is silly- think of the case weight you'll save! 

To protect the bottles and keep them together I then used the clear bag that the bottles came with and stuffed them all in there. With the second bag I just put some items that are annoying when loose and need to be grouped together for protection, because I didn't use all of the bottles I had a spare bag.

For bobbles and grips I'm storing them in a small makeup bag thing I got years ago to keep them neat! I can just shove these in the case really.

You'll never be able to get rid of those annoying bulky products that must stay in their containers for whatever reason. So I've planned to store them in two carrier bags- one to group them, and an extra to protect them so they don't leak. God if they leak I'll be so sad! 

I'll also be taking two of these massive E45 containers and using them as moisturizer for my face and body. 

Have you got any tips + tricks on product case storage?

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  1. Love these tips and tricks! Where were these when I was going on holiday?! x

  2. Interesting post, I love keeping things organized for travel! I like how you have decanted things into travel bottles!

    1. Such a useful thing to put stuff in bottles seriously. The little labels are cute too!


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