0FFTOTHERACES: Goodbye England.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Goodbye England.

-Few casual PJ selfies to exit with, why not-

See you later England, by the time this post is up I'll be on the way to Manchester Airport to go to Turkey! I hope you're all now fed up of my holiday posts, I now have nothing else to say about preparing for holiday - thank God. 

I'm due back on the 26th of August so I'm afraid I probably won't be posting anything until then. However, if I get the chance I may be able to so that would be cool, it probably won't be a long post though.

In the unlikely chance you're actually interested then you can follow me on Insta + Twitter cause I'll be updating there when I get WiFi, gotta get my fix! 

Bye England + bye people, please don't let my blog go invisible! xxxxxx

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