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Friday, 17 October 2014

The New Hairspray: Making The Switch.

If there is anything that isn't fully fabulous on the beauty market yet, it has to be hairspray. I don't know about you, but I've never actually found a hairspray that I like so much that I'd happily buy it again. I eventually caught myself thinking 'Am I actually using this correctly?' even though the many YouTube tutorials say I am, and I then realised that maybe hairspray's just aren't strong enough for me! 

This new impressive product I've found has just completely put a stop to all my hairspray worrying and buying. If you're wondering what it is that's so astonishing... its the VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray. It has a ridiculously long name, but it does wonders for holding my hair in place and giving it texture too. 

I grabbed this interesting not-so-salt spray in Tesco for around £4 when I was looking to complete my VO5 collection, there's something about Tesco's hair section that makes me want to purchase absolutely everything, so I saw it and it was in my basket within seconds, ever had that experience? I think I bought another hair product too for that matter.

In terms of how I use this product as a hairspray, I spray tiny little spurts of it all around the area where I need, and then rub it in a tiny bit so that it can really get into my hair. When I'm done I just brush and style my hair with a teasing comb to give it an ending finish. I find that this has an exceptional hold, and that it gives my hair some very nice texture too, perfect for my needs. If you're using this just as a tousle spray, I recommend that you follow what it says on the bottle so that you can fully give yourself that tousled look! 

Have you tried this product before? Would you call it 'The New Hairspray'?

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