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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mad For Mugs: My Mug Collection.

You're most likely here because the awfully crafted title has got you thinking "This is terrible" or something of the sorts, but if you're a fellow hot drinks lover, I think you might enjoy it... because today I have decided to share with you my fantastic mug collection! Hot chocolate, coffee and tea are just three things that everyone needs in life. Whether its with milk or without, apple or Earl Grey, or white or dark hot chocolate, hot drinks muse my soul.

1. The first mug is from TK Maxx, £3 I believe!
2. I got the teapot from a market in Tyneside the other day for £2, what a bargain. 
3. My Tea Drinker mug is from John Lewis just after last Christmas for £4.
4. The fourth mug is one of my favourites, and was bought from B&M for £1, again another good offer!
5. The above mug was £4 from Whitby, England. Such a nice mug from such a nice place.

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