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Friday, 3 October 2014

September Favourites.

Hey everyone. Welcome to my September Favourites! This month they're pretty product based which is a change for me I think because they're usually mixed. I'm coming up to my 6 Month anniversary of blogging, but I can't quite remember the date. Is that bad? The truth is I made this blog a while before I even posted anything, I was deliberating, you see.

Anyway, back to my post, this months favourites are as follows, I hope you enjoy: 

Red Matte Nail Paint from Barry M. I have to say that I've never been a lover of Barry M and their polishes. I think the hatred started when I went to Clothes Show Live for the first time, because the stuff that they gave out just wasn't good at all (remember the Dazzle Dust? OH YES!). Putting that aside though I've really been liking their range of matte polishes. I have two of them already, + I just purchased this nice dark red one. I'll be going back for more sometime soon. 

AVON Plump It Up Mascara. I've mentioned this before to you all, + how its similar to Benefit's They're Real. It honestly is, its just as good! I've been using this every day mostly for the past few weeks, + even on special occasions too! 

A non beauty favourite this month is my Topshop crop top jumpery thing. I don't really know what its called but in my head that's how it goes. Anyway, its kind of an odd thing cause its jumper looking but its as thin as a top. I don't know, but I love it anyway, they have it in a few colours which I may invest in soon. 

Inhibition. Inhibition is my favourite lipstick that Topshop do, it was also my first. Saying this though, I've lost it about ten times + the packaging is none existent, you wouldn't think its my favourite would you? I found this the other week in a bag that was under my bed at home + I've fell back in love with it. 

Last but totally not least, Flushed by UD. God, I just adore this palette. I'm pretty sure I've had this in another favourites post, oops. Got to share the love though, this palette deserves it. I've finally, maybe sadly, overcome my obsession with Benefit's Sugarbomb blush so I've naturally moved back to Flushed to use as an everyday alternative. Its great + will always be one of my favourites! 

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  1. the barry m nail polish is such a gorgeous colour, perfect for autumn. xx

  2. I really want to find a local avon rep so I can try this mascara!


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