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Monday, 15 December 2014

The Velvet Shoes (and random rambles).

Hey, hey everyone. So this is me coming back from my mini-hiatus cause I've handed in two of my assignments, finally! And as a reward to myself I went on a small but stupendous shopping spree and bought these wondrous velvetty shoes which are seriously my new favourite addition to my wardrobe.

It sounds bad... but recently all I've wanted to do is shop at Topshop, I've become such a Topshop snob its actually embarrassing. Its like nothing is good enough which is totally not great because living on a student budget is the hardest thing.  

But anyway, back to these amazing shoes, these were also from Topshop and go so nicely with everything. Its just a shame that I live in England and it will be raining/snowing etc probably for the next three months. I'll be braving them though when I can (I wore them to a party the other night and they got drink AND rain on them, but I saved them!).

The only item that I don't think goes that well with them is tights (as you can probably tell). Maybe its because my legs are super skinny and it makes my feet look really big... I don't know. But I've been hesitant to put them together because they look weird. Anyone else have this experience? Yes? No?

Waltzing on further to my random all-over-the-place-talking, I need ideas. I have an assignment where I have to create my own business (well, not literally but on paper), and I have NO IDEA of what to do. So if anyone wants to offer me some inspiration please feel free to do so<3. 

Thank you all very much for reading this if you are. So glad to be back blogging my heart out again (+ talking crap). 

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  1. I love them! I also think they look great with tights, perhaps hard to tell from that pic though? I would be paranoid about not spoiling them I think!


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