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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Costa's Brilliance.

Thought I'd take some time to show my amplified love for Costa Coffee. I am, in fact, sat in Costa ATM waiting to go to work... so what's a better time to share my love than right now?

First, they're brilliant at keeping their loyal customers loyal (setting aside the fact that I lost my coffee card with loads of money on too), those points build up quick! 

One extremely important element to Costa's design is that they're kind enough to shove sockets literally EVERYWHERE. Gotta charge that phone. I'm surrounded by about 8. 

Costa's menu, for one, is fabulous. But what's even better is that us tea drinkers can get a small, medium or large for the same price. Earl grey is 1.95 I believe, which is my choice of course. 

Their toasties are delicious, the cheese and slow roasted tomato one is my choice, and its like the tastiest thing ever. They make it just how I like them. 

Cakes, cakes, cakes. I LOVE cake, no one will ever understand how much. Costa do an amazing Victoria sponge, as well as a range of nice sweet pastries. Yum! You should try their brownies. 

It's never to bright in Costa. Bright lights are a no, no for me. Not my forte at all. Costa always appreciate that. 

Which leads me to my next point, it's good for working. Dull light, cheap tea, plug sockets, it makes for the perfect environment I say. Plus their dark brown and red colour scheme muses me. 

Costa are kind enough to let you use their bathroom without needing to buy anything. I never feel guilty for waltzing in and using their toilet! 

Ever tried their yoghurt's? You should! They're great when you're a bit peckish and desire a cold snack. 

It's warm, cosy and warm, which is of the up most importance when you're drinking tea in my opinion! 

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  1. I had never thought about it, but it makes total sense for tea to cost the safe despite size - only takes 1 tea bag! The rest is just hot water!

  2. I love Costa Coolers :)
    - F -


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