Wednesday, 21 January 2015

On The Run.

Its safe to say that I'm more than just a little bit late on the bandwagon for Urban Decay's treasure; Naked On The Run. Instead of boring you all with the usual shadow swatches etc. etc, I thought I'd detail this in conjunction to the other fabulous NAKED's. What goes with what, do you ask? I'm here to tell you, after testing and experimenting with the three main palettes, who likes who best. 

So first we have the brilliant start of it all, the NAKED 1. Clearly an amazing choice for a bronzed look, in my personal opinion, On The Run matches the NAKED 1 most out of the three. Kind of reminding me of Bronzed by MAC, the shadows provided in OTR are perfect matches for Smog, Toasted and Sidecar, and, if you're daring, Gunmetal too. 

The NAKED 2 also has some great matches for OTR, Snakebite provides a nice crease colour, Bootycall a highlighter, in conjunction to the three middle shades of OTR. If you're edgy, this will probably be your best bet if you're wanting to merge these two together. 

The pastel NAKED 3, goes brilliantly with all of the OTR shades, and works stunningly with the contour, blush and highlighter because of the unique tones it creates. Trick + Liar mixed with the darkest OTR shade look very shimmery and orange-toned, suitable light for the day and heavy for the night. You can't beat a good day to night compilation. 

The lipgloss... not the best thing that you can label, but good enough that it pretty much matches everything that you go for in terms of your makeup look. Its not very long lasting though I've found. 

I'm thinking of doing a review of Perversion because it honestly is a fab mascara, I think I got struck by Benefit's They're Real too much to notice. Its definitely worth the attention, so I'm grateful UD decided to add this underrated dream to their palette. It really brings out your lashes for a classic daytime lash look, simple and sophisticated. 

Finally, a small word on the liner that comes with the palette. I'm kind of lucky that UD added the shade that they did (Stag) because it makes brown eyes stand out really well. I've been smudging this underneath and above both of my lash lines to make my eyes look a little more drastic and "out there." 

What do you all think of the OTR palette? Success or fail? I'd love to hear! 
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  1. Looks lovely - I am in the market for a new palette, I am rather dull I am afraid, I buy just the one nude palette and stick with it til something runs out and my Christian Dior has finally bitten the dust!


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